Studio Renn, the brand was born, from the restless creative fusion, of Rahul Jhaveri’s background as a diamantaire, and soul of an artist forever in search of the sublime.

This is the philosophy that guides Studio Renn, a brand of thoughtful fine jewelry that places as much emphasis on inspiration and technique as design.​​​​​​​

Renn, Naming, & Identity Design
In order to  capture a familiar, yet foreign visage of abstraction; the form of an alien symbols took shape as an entire visual system for the brand. This allowed for an entire library of eclectic intrigue to mirror the art it is to stand for.

Using jewelry as a weapon against the mundane, we wanted to have the brand be a beacon for those looking for elegant respite against the trite and staid, that clutters our existence. 

To start, it's good to begin at the starting, the Identity of Studio Renn, right from the name, to its many manifestations were a mesh of close collaboration; true to the spirit of the brand that Rahul dreamed it would become.

The Renn Web Experience
As with other art forms, jewelry pieces have no direction or orientation, the way light plays for you, is your own personal experience. We set out to capture that and bring it alive, for web visitors. To tease a taste, and want more. 

Making that happen was not quite as simple—to be able to see the play of light on each crevice, stone and highlight. To make that possible we came up with the moving light cinema-graph based web experience.

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