Inka, a modern Delhi-based textile design studio, specialises in artisanal hand-printing – an Indian art form that’s been around for centuries. The charming, intricate and fresh prints are carefully designed by the studio founder who, with her artisans, has a passion for each detail of this ancient technique.

We (Meera and I) wanted to capture the growth of the studio and its holistic approach to its modern-day work. We felt inspired to tell a story and not look solely at the end products. Although these were each given a fun twist, we agreed their journey and the people involved along with their skills and playfulness should be seen. We also wanted to communicate the studio’s understanding of good design, its sense of hard work and its commitment to preserving a beautiful craft in modern India.

So we opted for an editorial approach rather than a purely advertorial one. We used natural light and planned shots to capture the artistry in motion, creating a behind-the-scenes insight from our position as fascinated observers. We spent time getting to know the artisans and their work and involved them in the shoot. While the products were ultimately the focus, the shoot tells the larger story of how they came to be.  |  Art direction Partner— Meera Kumari

Featured in an European design publication, Jan 2017.

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