Featured in Design Observer's + Acumen Fund Challenge: Making Sanitation Sexy
KKF Matchbox
The sanitation message needs to get through to affected populations as much as emphasizing it globally as a pressing issue. By employing a vernacular graphic language, this concept speaks to those at the Indian grassroots in a familiar yet humorous way. It highlights the dangers of open defecation, drawing on Diwali fireworks packaging. Associating the familiar perils of explosive fireworks with the health hazards of exterior excretion — the text goes on to wish you a 'Happy Diwali' while declaring that the message has been 'issued in public interest.' It remixes a locally relevant graphic style with a potent social message.
Please Pay attention. During Diwali, its possible that there are explosive crackers in the open, in drainage pipes, in letter boxes or near Poles or other objects, for your safety avoid defecating in these areas. Using drainage pipes to relieve yourself is a bad habit. In fact someone who doesnt wish you well; could take advantage of this habit of yours, with very painful repercussions. During diwali, the need for open spaces can be disasterous. You might have to pay dearly for it. Be careful, and play your part in keeping the environment clean and healthy. Issued in public interest byKKF, Nagaur, Rajasthan.

(Hindi Text on the back)
Hope, now you must be familiar with the consequences of the desire of open space. God save you from such situations, and make your Diwali wonderful. Happy Diwali.

In case of emergency use fire extinguisher or put a bucket of cold water over burnt/affected area. And go to nearest clinic or hospital as soon as possible after that.

(Text on the insert)
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