Mickey Bardava is a communication designer and photographer graduated from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. He specialises in print and interaction design and works mostly in the areas of identity design, typography, publication design, packaging design and illustration.

For both Photography and Design, he relies on a strong and distinct sense of form and composition to create works crafted with precision and characterised by the attention to fine detail. He has developed identities for a range of organisations and individuals and believes that an effective identity is one that communicates the brand message while engaging the user playfully.

His photographic practice continues to inform his design work—often giving him a rich flow of ideas and experiences that forms the crux of his style and approach, and takes him on trips across the country, documenting people and places.

Mickey has collaborated with a host of organisations across sectors as diverse as hospitality, fashion, retail, technology and education. At the core of his practice is the idea that a great piece of design is about simplifying the complex till it is resolved enough to speak for itself.

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design@bardava.com  |  +91 98291 34431
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